Mama, did I hurt you?
I didn't mean to make you cry,
I know now I was wrong,
You were right; you were wise.

All those times I should have listened,
Those times I smarted-off,
All those times I turned my back,
You were right to have been cross.

I should have thanked you, but I didn't,
I should have said I loved you more,
I should have showed it, not just thought it,
There was so much I did ignore.

I thought you didn't understand,
I thought you were too old,
Now I know I was the one,
Insensitive and cold.

When Daddy died, how hard you cried,
I cried, too, you know,
But kids heal faster; this I've learned,
And wives and mothers; they heal slow.

I know you stood at my bedroom door,
When you thought I was asleep,
I peeked; I saw your tears,
What did I do that made you weep?

Was I too selfish and ambitious?
Was I too full of foolish pride?
Is that what you thought, Mama?
Is that what made you cry?

Did I disappoint you, Mama?
Did I let you down?
I tried so hard to make you proud,
I guess I went about it wrong.

I question now your many tears,
Which today make my heart ache,
Too bad kids don't have more sense,
That they must wait until too late.

I think you loved me much too much,
That must be the reason why
You shed so many tears for me,
You loved me so much, you cried

written by Virginia (Ginny) Ellis

The song "Wind Beneath My Wings" was performed by Margi Harrell