Although we've never met in person............how sad, but no, we haven't.
I know the essence of your soul...............yes, I do. Yes I do!
Following in the steps of Jesus...............that's your way, my friend,
and blessing others is your goal...............bless your heart, I love you true!

I've never had the pleasure, dear friend......(but I know we'll meet in Heaven)
of looking straight into your eyes............to see the Light shining through;
to see the reflection of our Lord.............that glows from within.
It comes from deep within your heart..........Oh yes it does, and e'er so true.

I'm proud to say that you're my shero;........you put songs within my heart
I think the world and all of you!.............Oh yes I do, I surely do!
Your friendship gives me wings to fly!........You're a treasure true, and I cherish you.
Thanks for your friendship ever true..........Margi dear, my Godsent friend

Thanks for the wind beneath my wings..........I love you!


Heeeey, Margi!

I sure hope you don't mind sharing your mail with the world, because I'm writing this open letter to you in hopes of helping those in cyberspace who are not blessed to know you personally, to get better acquainted with the real person behind all that beautiful music they hear!

And so, at long last, I have written my tribute page for the "First Lady of CyberMusic!" Yup, that's you, m'friend, none other than the very talented and widely admired and highly respected Margi Harrell. The "melody master," as I have also heard you called.

In all my travels around cyberspace, I have never yet met a person who didn't speak very highly of you, not only as a musician, but as a fine Christian, a great friend, and a kind-hearted, compassionate lady who ever so generously allows her wonderful music to be shared on websites all over the world. ( Yes, over ten thousand now, and still counting!) As read in The Dallas Morning News article

For many many years now, waaay before you ever knew I was even "somewhere out there," you have long been my idol. I would hear your wonderful music everywhere I went in cyberspace, and Oh my, how it touched my soul!

I remember my first visit to your website to "meet" the lady making all this awesome music, and reading your bio. Wow, professional pianist, piano instructor, church pianist, plays at weddings and other events, devoted wife, mother of three, grandmother of six (of course, all of whom are brilliant, beautiful, and talented, as you proudly and typically grandmotherly proclaim!)

But the part that really touched my heart the very most was how you so humbly gave all the credit and thanks to the Lord for your talent. And to this very day, regardless of your great popularity and success, you remain very humble, taking no credit for yourself, and continue to thank Him for your God-given talent.

We actually met "personally" under what could be considered rather embarrassing circumstances, inasmuch as I received two emails from you, the first one of which stated that I had a song of yours on my website without credit.

Ooooops, *blush blush* I felt sooooo badly, and yet also over-joyed to discover YOUR name in MY mailbox, not once, but twice!

WOW! My longtime shero, my idol! In MY mailbox, no less!
"Hey, Thanks, Lord, I NEEDED that! Oh, joy, joy!"

I will never forget how you were so nice about it all, and you even complimented my site, saying you were proud to have your music on such a beautiful site, but that I must have accidentally forgotten to provide a credit, and would I please mind adding one, along with a link to your site, so others could visit your site and enjoy your music if they wished.

Your kind words eased my embarrassment, and though I had surely thought the world of you before, I loved and admired you all the more for the sweet way you handled this situation, actually trying to minimize my discomfort.....the one who apparently "snitched" your music without giving proper credits! Many artists and performers would have "raised the roof" and given a real scolding, and perhaps even demanded removal of their music. But not you, my dear Margi. Wow! What a sweet and kindly lady you are!

Fortunately, while still on my site you had also looked around at some of my other pages and discovered the glowing credits that I always add to each page where I use your music, and you immediately wrote another email thanking me for such wonderful credits, and that you then knew for sure it was just a mere oversight on that page with the missing credit. Now Margi, this is just one example of what a kindly and gentle lady you are, and why you have earned the love and respect of so many people out there in cyberspace.

Margi, you are such an inspiration to me, not only for your talent, but for the living example of your faith. I'll always remember how positive and assured you were that your husband would be alright when he came so close to having a very critical heart attack and required emergency surgery. John had experienced no symptoms whatever, and it was such a shock to both of you as well as to the rest of the family when the doctor discovered such severe blockage during a routine physical. But you put your complete trust and faith in the Lord, and just knew in your heart that things were going to be just fine. Now, that's faith, real faith....living faith!

Yup, that's our Margi! A caring, sharing, trusting and believing, fine, shining example of what our Lord wants us to be....and Oh, He must be soooo proud of you! Thanks for letting your light so shine before mankind, that we may see HIS good works, for He surely did create a rare treasure in you, m'friend!

And you, my friend, care, share, and give of yourself in so many marvelous ways. You have put on performances for over 24 years at your church, and special performances honoring people who have provided service to others by telling their life story in songs, and as you have stated, "It is such a wonderful reward to be able to do that for them."

Yes, that's our Margi...giving of herself, giving of her talent, sharing her music freely with all of cyberspace. Ah, yes, I surely do know the essence of your soul. Blessing others is your goal, no doubt about it. And you do it soooo well!

You are a lady who loves to laugh, and laughs often, and are also a very tender-hearted lady who, when inspired, or touched by a beautiful song that it will bring tears to your eyes. You really LIVE music, deep in your heart and soul, and it is your lifelong means of communicating all of your deepest emotions.

I have a "Margi" folder on my computer with all your songs in it that I have collected over the years, as well as my emails from you, and no matter what my mood, I can always manage to find some song that provides just the perfect answer to my spiritual or emotional needs of the moment. How can I ever thank you for all the many, many hours of pleasure, assurance, and edification of faith from your awesome music?

There could never be any doubt in anyone's mind the depth of your soul after hearing your music, for while it is your hands touching the keyboard, it is your heart and your soul that is playing the music. Each song is played with such depth of emotion; and each and every note your fingers play is a prayer or a meditation from your heart.

And how can I ever thank you for all the times I have needed an uplifting of spirits, or an emotional boost, and I popped open one of your sweet letters to read your precious words of friendship, faith, and good humor, and suddenly, my heartaches and sadnesses would just fade off into the misty distance just knowing that you, such a wonderful lady of strong faith and goodness, are "somewhere out there." What a special treasure you are to my heart! And how blessed I am to call you friend!

Well, my very special friend, I hope this open letter to you helps others to see you as I see you..... for the very special lady you truly are! And it isn't just your beautiful music that makes you so special, but it is also the wonderful you that you are that touches the lives and the hearts of so many!

Oh yes, that's our dear Margi......Touching lives, touching hearts, touching souls!

Thanks for touching mine, Margi, and thanks for the Wind Beneath My Wings........I love you!

Your VERY most devoted fan, ((~.~))


The song now playing is entitled "Wind Beneath My Wings,"
beautifully sequenced by...you guessed it! None other than
the incomparable Margi Harrell. For a treat for your
heart and soul, please visit her wonderful site!

She also has wonderful CD's that you can purchase!