Dear Lord I know You will provide,
The things I am not able,
And keep a coat upon my back,
And food upon the table.

I know some folks who worry,
And paint the future gray,
But when I am most helpless,
You always find a way.

Dear Lord I know You will provide,
Each true necessity,
That through life's darkest hours,
You have not forgotten me.

Time and again You've shown me,
That You always understand,
I've only but to stumble,
And You're stretching out Your hand.

Dear Lord I know You will provide,
Whatever I may lack,
You love me, and You only ask,
That I should love You back.

And what a consolation,
Your own dear words reveal,
When I recall Your story of
...The lilies of the field.

by Grace E. Easley

The song "Keeper of the Stars" was performed by Margi Harrell

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