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At the bottom of each Ecard or Poem page you should click on
"Personalize Card"

"Personalize Card" - will allow you to personalize the Ecard you are viewing by adding your message. You will need to enter a name and email address of the person receiving the card or add this information from the address book.

An email will be sent with a link to your personallized Ecard.
Note: If you are not logged on then you will be prompted to logon before sending card.

CLick on your Outbox to view all ecards previously sent and ones scheduled for the future.

You can add, modify or delete contacts in your Address Book located here.

The "Import Email Addresses" can be used to add names and email addresses from popular email systems like Gmail, Yahoo or AOL.

You can add, modify or delete reminders of importants events located here.

A reminder email will be sent to you every year before the event.

Click on the "Delete" next to the reminder to remove it.

Use the search box at the top right to search for specific cards like "birthday daughter". A list of cards matching will be displayed.

You can click on My Account and select Change Password or Email Address.

Note that this will change your logon information.

Most issues with not being able to hear music is due to the volume being turned down on your PC. Check your volume on your computer or speakers to verify volume is turned up.

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Yes when you Personalize Card you there is a button to Send to Facebook. This allows you to post the personalized card on facebook.

Also on any card you may click the Facebook button to post the card on Facebook.