Wishing You A Happy Halloween Greeting Card From Llerrah Ecards

Halloween Night

Halloween Night Poem Written by Ginny Bryant

Now it's time for Halloween
Oh what funny things are seen.
Pumpkins glowing as they stare
Black cats creeping everywhere.

Happy Halloween Greeting Card

Ghost, witches, goblins too
Scary time for me and you
Trick or treat is lots of fun
Grab your treat before you run.

Trick or Treat fun on Halloween Night

Do you see a witch up high
Think I saw her pass me by
Imagination a wonderful thing
Make believe it will bring.

Pumpkins Glow on Halloween Night

Don't be afraid just have your fun
Then hurry home when you are done.
Check your treats put away your fear
Halloween is over for another year.

Have A Fun Time!


Wishing You Great Fun On Halloween Night!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Wishes on Halloween Night Greeting Card From LLerrah Ecards

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