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Flag Day


We call her 'Old Glory', She rightfully
sows the seeds to Her story where ever
She goes! 'The Star Spangled
Banner' that blows in the wind,

Portraying Her power to foe, yes, and
friend. Our emblem of freedom, She's
stood through the years, and never
seceded by blood, sweat and tears!

Our Flag! We salute You on each day, We
vow to be true and show others the way.
To live where our freedom abounds; Each
time You unfurl we hear victory sounds!


We pledge our allegiance with hand on
our heart, and dare to be different; not
being a part of those who would burn You
or cast You aside, But highly esteem
You and raise You in pride!

Indeed, She's 'Old Glory', and rightfully
so, Her story of freedom we'll never out-
grow America, let us again take a stand,

For it is a must to accomplish our plan
in raising our Flag and proclaim with
each wave: The Land of the Free
and the Home of the Brave!

Written by D. S. Mullis


Happy Flag Day!