From This Day Forward

When you two met and recognized,
You wished to be as one,
That was a plan by God devised,
Who arranged that such be done.

You did not meet by happenstance,
Each step along your way,
Was planned by God, well in advance,
For this very special day.

All experiences thus far,
Were as training for each other,
Each pain, each ache, each hurt, each scar,
Shows your need for one another.

Each laugh you had, indeed, each smile,
Just made you more aware,
That happiness is more worthwhile,
With someone there to share.

To blend two lives together,
Is indeed an awesome task,
As unpredictable as weather,
Yet, we know that weather lasts.

This adventure that you now begin,
Your two souls intertwined,
Let God decide when it will end,
Your journey for all time.

I pray God bless your Wedding Oath,
As you take each other to your hearts,
Much love and joy I wish you both,
And may you forever be Sweethearts.

written by Virginia (Ginny) Ellis