Love You Forever

Love me in the springtime
When the earth is green and new
Love me in the summer
When the dark sky's turn to blue.

Love me in the autumn
Colored leaves all around
Love me in the winter
When snow is on the ground.

Love me as we cuddle
In our dream house together
I'll love you my dearest one
Today and forever.

As we will walk the ocean side
And view the mountains high
Just you and I together
We will watch the world go by.

I'll love you when I'm happy
And even when I'm sad
I'll love you when times are good
And even when they're bad.

I'll love you until the end of time
In sunshine or rain
I'll love you when I'm feeling good
Or when I'm feeling pain.

Let us love each other dearest
The two of us as one
Let us love each other always
After all is said and done.

Let us love each other
Until our life is through
Love me always darling
Just as I'll always love you.

Ginny Bryant
Journey Of Love

 "Somewhere in Time" was performed by Margi Harrell

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