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Christmas Wish

My Christmas Wish


If I could have a Christmas
wish come true,
I would wish for wonderful
things to come to you.

I wish you happiness
in everything you do,
May worries and problems
not come to you.


I wish you hope that can
brighten the cloudiest day,
And strength to accept all
that life sends your way.

May you rise each day
with sunlight in your heart,
And may your hopes and
dreams find a new start.


With my warmest thoughts,
and memories of you,
I wish that all your joys,
and wishes will come true.

When these special wishes
are delivered to your door,
There's no doubt they will be,
accompanied by many more.


Of all the Christmas wishes
delivered to you yearly,
There couldn't be another that's
wished more warmly or sincerely.


Merry Christmas to One and All