Overview of WinMusic for Windows

Download WinMusic Jukebox Now  (902K bytes)

LLERRAH Inc.'s WinMusic for Windows is a full featured jukebox player for use on your Windows PC and the Internet.  The jukebox has been designed to handle all of your music and video collections.  

WinMusic Main Screen:

Download WinMusic Jukebox Now  (902K bytes)

Support for following multimedia file types:

  • MIDI (.MID, .MIDI, .RMI)

  • MPEG Audio (.MP3)

  • MPEG Video (.MPG, .MPEG )

  • Windows Wave (.WAV)

  • CD-Audio

  • Microsoft Video (.AVI)

  • Apple Quicktime Video (.MOV)

  • Windows Media (.WMA, .WMV)

  • Sun Audio (.AU)

  • Audio Interchange (.AIF, .AIFF)

  • Apple Sound (.SND)

  No Longer available for purchase.

Designed for operation on Windows. Special features include:

  •  Change Tempo: Speed up or slow down songs or videos

  •  Custom Edit: Create song, CD and video clips. Try a slow motion video

  •  Database: Add all of your MP3, MIDI and Playlists to the Jukebox

  •  Search: Easily search and play songs in the database or playlist

  •  Preview: Listen to short clips or have fun by changing tempo

  •  Playlists: Create personal play lists of your favorite selections

  •  Random play: Plays random selections from the Jukebox database

  •  Repeat play: Adds selections back to end of playlist for repeat play

  •  Looping: Play current selection or clip over and over.

  •  Assign Editor: Tell the Jukebox the editor to use (ex: edit MIDI files)

  •  Animation: Customize animation settings for moving background, icons.

  •   Edit the Look: Pick a new font or color to change the jukebox

  •  Shuffle: Mix up the selections in the playlists