Easter > My Thoughts Of You


My Thoughts Of You


Today my thoughts are all of you,
As throughout the year.
I think of you especially,
Because Easter time is here!

I think of Easters long gone past;
And those we spent together.
Oh! the memories we did make,
Some will last forever.

I remember your first Easter,
And a little bonnet sweet.
Just caught the eyes of everyone,
Whenever they did meet.

Fun we had coloring hard boiled eggs
Each had to be just right! I'll have
to mention when we were through
The kitchen was quite a sight!


Dancing around in your new dress,
You'd steal our heart away.
All dressed up to go to church,
To hear what the pastor would say.

You listened quietly as the story
was told, of how Jesus did arise.
You'd heard the story many times,
So it was no surprise.

Looking for Easter eggs followed
soon, with a basket yellow and red.
Traces of candy all eaten up!
By the time you went to bed.

Oh yes, today I think of you.
With a heart that's full of love.
Please remember I love you always,
With love kin to above.



Happy Easter