Mother's Day > A Mother Just Like You

Happy Mother's Day GrandMother

A Mother Just Like You


I wonder what the world would
be like if all children had
a Mother just like you

One who gave so much of herself
Putting her child's needs before
her own. What a nice thought
A world full of happiness wished upon
them just like you have given me...


When I was young
Everything seemed so perfect
You'd kiss my scraped up knees
Making things better once again
And when you'd hold me close
I'd smile because your
arms felt so safe...

You use to tell me
God blessed you so many years ago
When he placed me in your arms

Well when I was young I believed that
I'd look up to heaven
Thanking him for giving me to you


Now that I'm older and wiser
I look up to heaven
Thanking him for creating you
And for showing me a love so true...

There's a bond we share like no other
And when I look back on years past
I could understand why
You have become my best friend
Because not a day has gone by
That you weren't there to support me
Making me see I could do anything

I could reach for the stars
Making all my dreams come true
And if by chance I failed you'd
be there to help me start over...


I've told you this so many times
Yet I could never tell you enough
With all my heart I love you
You're a woman of incredible strength
And with each new day you amaze me...

If I had but one wish
It would have to be
For all children to have a
Mother Just like you


Happy Mother's Day