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An Aging Experience

An Aging Experience


One sunny Summer morning,
I went out to eat,
I chose a local coffee shop,
And found an empty seat.

The seat was in a corner booth,
Between a window and a mirror,
I could view the entire place,
From the entry to the rear.

I ordered a decadent breakfast,
Of bacon, eggs and hash browns,
And a big mug of hot, black coffee,
With which to wash it down.


I sat back and felt relaxed,
And I looked about a bit,
A pleasant, cheerful coffee shop,
I was enjoying it.

I couldn't help but notice,
So many older folk were here,
I smiled and nodded to a few,
Who seemed friendly and were near.

Old folks can be depressing,
Of course, they don't mean to be,
However, they make me wonder,
How old age will look on me.

I'm not a snob; I don't look down
On white hair and wrinkled skin,
And I know those obese ladies
Once had figures slim and trim.

And those wiry, skinny guys,
At one time were macho men,
(Do you believe we were deceived,
When long ago we married them?)

There was a lady sitting near me,
I thought I know her from some place,
An old friend? No, I doubted that,
She's too old! See her wrinkled face!


She looked older than my mother,
Goodness! Look at that poor, old soul,
She couldn't be a friend of mine,
For I knew she was much too old.

Her hair was mostly white,
With scattered streaks of gray,
Cut short for easy maintenance,
A good style for her age.

Her cheeks were thin and sunken-in,
A frown upon her face,
Her lips were pursed and tightly set,
Her color, pale like paste.

I kept sneaking peeks at her,
Why did she so intrigue me?
She really looked familiar,
Though my memory oft deceives me.

I smiled at her; she smiled back,
We met almost eye to eye,
But then she quickly turned away,
As, sheepishly, did I.

Poor old soul; she looked so old,
I had my doubts about her age
When I become as old as she,
I wondered would I look that way?

I took another sideways glance,
I gasped - now everything was clear,
The old lady I'd been watching,

Was my reflection in the mirror.

written by Virginia (Ginny) Ellis